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season 1
S1 E13 11m
Tik Tricks
S1 E12 11m
Upside Down Magic
S1 E11 11m
6 Foot Water Balloon
S1 E10 11m
Paint Covered Mousetraps
S1 E9 11m
Chimps and Teleporting
S1 E8 11m
S1 E7 11m
Magic Battles
S1 E6 11m
Advice, Cardistry and Trick Shots
S1 E5 11m
Glitter, Slow Mo and Marshmallows
S1 E4 11m
Pens and Windows and Cake
S1 E3 11m
Cards and Dogs and Rings
S1 E2 11m
Eye-s Cream Statue
S1 E1 11m
Eye-Mazing Simplicity