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season 4
S4 E16 24m
Coconut Crisis / Sunfish
S4 E15 24m
Emperor Penguins / Tiger Shark
S4 E14 24m
Operation Deep Freeze
S4 E13 24m
Spinner Dolphins / Coelacanth
S4 E12 24m
Yellow Belly Sea Snakes / Loneliest Whale
S4 E11 24m
Kelp Forest Mystery / Hippos
S4 E10 24m
Flamingos / Operation Cooperation
S4 E9 24m
Great Swamp Search
S4 E8 24m
Crawfish / Surfing Snail
S4 E7 24m
Baby Gator / Bomber Worms
S4 E6 24m
Tree Lobsters / Convict Fish
S4 E5 24m
Baby Sea Turtles / Octopod Mystery
S4 E4 24m
Poison Dart Frogs / Hidden Lake
S4 E3 24m
Walrus Pups / Mantis Shrimp
S4 E2 24m
The Over and Under Adventure
S4 E1 24m
The Mariana Trench Adventure