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season 1
S1 E29 24m
A Hard Day for Mr. Hardshell / The Doctor is in
S1 E28 24m
Field Day Hooray / No Calm Before the Storm
S1 E27 24m
Fired Up / Picture Perfect
S1 E26 24m
Where In the Woods is Pinky? / Sweet as Pie
S1 E25 24m
Tully Trouble / Porcu-Popper
S1 E24 24m
Scout Out / A Royal Adventure
S1 E23 24m
Little Boo's Caper / Out Of Sight
S1 E22 24m
The Lemonade Letdown / The Prankster Returns
S1 E21 24m
Sheep on the Lam / The Chic Chick
S1 E20 24m
Merry Chickmas / Feed the Brrrrds
S1 E19 24m
Artistic Differences / Rush Hour
S1 E18 24m
Dino Dig / Runaway Robot
S1 E17 24m
Hidden Treasure / Cold Case
S1 E16 24m
T-Wrecks / Trick or Eek
S1 E15 24m
The Dr.Dirt Show / Capture the Flag
S1 E14 24m
House Guest / The Wrong Stuff
S1 E13 24m
The Great Outdoors / The Hogdog Show
S1 E12 24m
The Surprise Party Surprise / U.F.Oh-No
S1 E11 24m
Honey Bee Boogie Woogie / Willow in the Wild
S1 E10 24m
A Visit from the Bearded Dragon / The Bark Files
S1 E9 24m
Tully's Troublesome Trainee / Sweetie Undercover
S1 E8 24m
Monkey Business / Tech Trouble
S1 E7 24m
Feather Fever / The Big Parade
S1 E6 24m
The Squirrel Next Door / The Stakeout Mistake
S1 E5 24m
Critter Sitters / The Problematic Puppy
S1 E4 24m
Roommate Rumble / The Need for Speed
S1 E3 24m
Gone to the Dogs / Coop Dreams
S1 E2 24m
The Natural / A Dirty Job
S1 E1 24m
Chicken Squad to the Rescue / A Speedy Exit
Tully's Troublesome Trainee
Monkey Business
The Big Parade
Squirrel Next Door
Critter Sitters
The Need for Speed
Gone to the Dogs
Chicken Charge REMIX
Chicken Charge Song
Chicken Squad to the Rescue
Meet Captain Tully
The Chicken Squad Theme Song
Meet The Chicken Squad