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season 2
S2 E21 24m
Gargoyle Carol / Deliver-eeek!
S2 E20 24m
The Hauntley Girls / The Not So Haunted House
S2 E19 24m
The Scare Council / Taking Scare of Business
S2 E18 24m
Día de los Muertos / As You Wish
S2 E17 24m
The Vamp-Opera / This Haunted House is Closed
S2 E16 24m
Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns / Freeze our Guest
S2 E15 24m
Trick or Treaters / Play It Again Vee
S2 E14 24m
Bat Got Your Tongue / Haunted Theater
S2 E13 24m
Vamp-iversary / Wolf Boy
S2 E12 24m
Face the Music / Fright at the Museum
S2 E11 24m
The Boo Boys Are Back / Pixie Problem
S2 E10 24m
The Big Bite / Ghost Hosts
S2 E9 24m
Beach Night; Gregoria Takes Flight
S2 E8 24m
Desserter Mystery / Mirror Mirror
S2 E7 24m
Scare-itage Day / The Great Egg Scramble
S2 E6 24m
The Birthday Broom / Vee Takes the Court
S2 E5 24m
The Ghoul Next Door / Scare B & Vee
S2 E4 24m
Baby Dragon / Gloommates
S2 E3 24m
Franken-Wedding / Bat Hair Day
S2 E2 24m
The Woodsie Way / TNN
S2 E1 24m
Vampire for President / Where's Wolfie?