season 1
S1 E26 22m
Dash to the Top!
S1 E25 22m
The Clash of Three!!
S1 E24 22m
Heath's Declaration
S1 E23 22m
Surpassing the Legend!
S1 E22 22m
The Legendary Captain
S1 E21 22m
Scattered Eleven
S1 E20 22m
The Name of The New Secret Move
S1 E19 22m
The Ultimate Individual Tactic
S1 E18 22m
The Dreams of Sunshine Academy
S1 E17 22m
Operation Snow Princess!
S1 E16 22m
The Snow Princes of Alpine
S1 E15 22m
The Emperor's Anguish
S1 E14 22m
The Moonlight Emperor
S1 E13 22m
The Final Stages of the Storm!
S1 E12 22m
Elliot Ember on Fire
S1 E11 22m
Night Before The Finals, Sonny's Resolve
S1 E10 22m
Emperor Penguin VS Polar Bear
S1 E9 22m
Ray Dark's Ingenious Scheme
S1 E8 22m
A Day Without Mister Yi
S1 E7 22m
Seeing the Light
S1 E6 22m
The Flame Striker
S1 E5 22m
The Darkness of Polestar Academy
S1 E4 22m
Breakdown Their Walls! The Impenetrable Fortress
S1 E3 22m
The Mysterious Mister Yi
S1 E2 22m
The Demon on the Pitch
S1 E1 22m
Departure to Tomorrow