season 2
S2 E23 22m
Twas the Mission Before Christmas
season 3
S3 E18 22m
Merry Glitchmas
season 4
S4 E1 42m
Bionic Rebellion
S4 E2 22m
Left Behind
S4 E3 22m
Under Siege
S4 E4 22m
Bionic Dog
S4 E5 21m
Mission Mania
S4 E6 22m
Simulation Manipulation
S4 E7 22m
Forbidden Hero
S4 E8 22m
Spider Island
S4 E9 22m
Spike vs. Spikette
S4 E10 22m
Space Elevator
S4 E10 44m
Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med
S4 E11 45m
Bionic Action Hero
S4 E12 22m
One of Us
S4 E13 22m
Bob Zombie
S4 E14 22m
Human Eddy
S4 E15 22m
The Curse of the Screaming Skull
S4 E16 45m
Lab Rats: On the Edge
S4 E17 22m
Ultimate Tailgate Challenge
S4 E18 22m
And Then There Were Four
S4 E19 45m
Space Colony
S4 E20 22m
The Vanishing Part 1
S4 E21 22m
The Vanishing Part 2