season 3
S3 E1 45m
Sink or Swim
S3 E2 22m
The Jet-Wing
S3 E3 22m
Mission: Mission Creek High
S3 E4 22m
Zip It
S3 E5 22m
Not So Smart Phone
S3 E6 22m
Scramble the Orbs
S3 E7 21m
Principal From Another Planet
S3 E8 22m
S3 E9 22m
Three Minus Bree
S3 E10 22m
Which Father Knows Best?
S3 E11 22m
Cyborg Shark Attack
S3 E12 42m
You Posted What!?!
S3 E13 22m
Armed and Dangerous
S3 E14 22m
Alien Gladiators
S3 E15 22m
Brother Battle
S3 E16 22m
Spike Fright
S3 E17 22m
Face Off
S3 E18 22m
Merry Glitchmas
S3 E19 45m
Rise of the Secret Soldiers
S3 E20 22m
Bionic Houseparty
S3 E21 22m
First Day of Bionic Academy
S3 E22 22m
Adam Steps Up
S3 E23 22m
Unauthorized Mission