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season 3
S3 E1 23m
Run Candace, Run / Last Train to Bustville
S3 E2 23m
The Great Indoors / Canderemy
S3 E3 23m
The Belly of the Beast / Moon Farm
S3 E4 23m
Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!
S3 E5 23m
Ask a Foolish Question / Misperceived Monotreme
S3 E6 23m
Candace Disconnected / Magic Carpet Ride
S3 E7 23m
Bad Hair Day / Meatloaf Surprise
S3 E8 23m
Tri-Stone Area / Doof Dynasty
S3 E9 23m
Phineas and Ferb Interrupted / A Real Boy
S3 E10 23m
Mommy Can You Hear Me? / Road Trip
S3 E11 23m
Skiddley Whiffers / Tour de Ferb
S3 E12 23m
My Fair Goalie
S3 E13 23m
Perry the Actorpus / Bullseye!
S3 E14 23m
That's the Spirit! / The Curse of Candace
S3 E15 23m
Escape from Phineas Tower / Remains of the Platypus
S3 E16 23m
Ferb Latin / Lotsa Latkes
S3 E17 23m
What a Croc! / Ferb TV
S3 E18 23m
Mom's in the House / Minor Monogram
S3 E19 23m
S3 E20 23m
Monster from ID / Gi-Ants
S3 E21 23m
Agent Doof / Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon
S3 E22 23m
Delivery of Destiny / Let's Bounce
S3 E23 23m
Quietest Day Ever / Bully Bromance Breakup
S3 E24 23m
The Doonkelberry Imperative / Buford Confidential
S3 E25 23m
Sleepwalk Surprise / Sci-Fi Pie Fly
S3 E26 23m
Meapless in Seattle
S3 E27 23m
The Mom Attractor / Cranius Maximus
S3 E28 23m
Sipping with the Enemy / Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets
S3 E29 23m
Doofapus / Norm Unleashed
S3 E30 23m
When Worlds Collide & Road to Danville
S3 E31 23m
Where's Perry? Part I
S3 E32 23m
Where's Perry? Part II
S3 E33 23m
Blackout! / What'd I Miss?
S3 E34 23m
This Is Your Backstory
S3 E35 22m
A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas / S'winter