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season 2
S2 E29 24m
How ARF Got His Bark Back / Sir Bob
S2 E27 24m
Desert Pups / Okavango Odyssey
S2 E26 24m
I Heart Rufus / Trolley Trouble
S2 E25 24m
Bob's Dream Vacation / The Mystery of the Missing Golf Ball
S2 E24 24m
Double Doggie Dare! / Empire State of Mind
S2 E23 24m
Take Your Dog to Work Day / Slumber Paw-ty
S2 E22 24m
Adopt-a-Palooza / The Legend of Captain Wunderbark
S2 E21 24m
The Bark Bowl / When Hedgie Met Sallie
S2 E20 24m
Father's Day Countdown / 20,000 Leagues Under the Lake
S2 E19 24m
Wonder-Bob / Yay, Earth Day!
S2 E18 24m
Fantastic Pet Force / Sea No Turtle
S2 E17 24m
No Bones About It / Bob's Sock Debacle
S2 E16 24m
What to Expect When Your'e Egg-specting / Ruffin' It
S2 E15 24m
Keep on Food Truckin' / Pupigan's Island
S2 E14 24m
Cousin Cody / Hissy's Lost Toy
S2 E13 24m
Speedy as a Cheetah / The Soup Search
S2 E12 24m
Duck, Duck, Dog / Mr. Bob Goes to Washington
S2 E11 24m
Dinner Thief on the Puppytown Express / O' Brother, Where ARF Thou?
S2 E10 24m
Valentine Surprise / Bright Lights, Pup City
S2 E9 24m
Windy City / Sham-pooch
S2 E8 24m
Lemur Play / How the Dog Park was Won
S2 E7 24m
A Santa for Bob / Snowman Secret Service
S2 E6 24m
Operation: Dinner / The Case of the Missing Caterpillar
S2 E5 24m
The Total Yodel / Bob's Birthday Wish
S2 E4 24m
One Small Ruff for Pup-kind / The Lost Bouncy Ball
S2 E3 24m
Land of the Rising Pup / ARF-CHOO
S2 E2 24m
Keia's New Doghouse / The Fang Fairy
S2 E1 24m
A New Pup in Town / The Last Pup-icorn