Alternate Text
season 13
S13 E22 23m
Scarlet Flurry! Prominence Shaker!
S13 E21 23m
Rekindled Flames! Prominence Phoenix!
S13 E20 23m
Reckless Panic! Bag of Tricks!
S13 E19 23m
Regnar's Wrath! Glory Pendulum!
S13 E18 23m
Disbanded! The Dark Prince Goes Rogue?!
S13 E17 23m
Reversal! Reversal! Great Counterattack!
S13 E16 23m
Ring of Light! Glory Regnar!
S13 E15 23m
The Dark Prince Returns! Devastate Belfyre!
S13 E14 23m
MVP! Great Aerial Tour's Landing!
S13 E13 23m
Knight of Dragons! Guilty Lúinor!
S13 E12 23m
Dark Prince One Day! Minion the Next!
S13 E11 23m
The Dark Prince Strikes! Bel vs Free!
S13 E10 23m
Novas Collide! Bel vs Rashad!
S13 E9 23m
Lift Off! The Great Aerial Tour!
S13 E8 23m
Dragon's Howl! Roar Balkesh!
S13 E7 23m
Flipping the Script! Belfyre vs Fafnir!
S13 E6 23m
The Other Valtryek!
S13 E5 23m
To the Skies! World Domination!
S13 E4 23m
Theater of the Abyss! Bel vs Valt!
S13 E3 23m
Changing Modes! Highs and Lows!
S13 E2 23m
Graveyard of Beys! Phantom's Gate!
S13 E1 23m
The Dark Prince! And Destruction Belfyre!
season 12
S12 E26 23m
Revolution! The Final Showdown!
S12 E25 23m
Confidence! Cowardice? Carefree-ness?!
S12 E24 23m
We Can Do It! Or Maybe Not!
S12 E23 23m
Scorching Battle! Dauntless Bravery!
S12 E22 23m
Friendly Fire?! Final Limit Breaker!
S12 E21 23m
Crash and Clash! Battle of Legends!
S12 E20 23m
Raging Battle! Defeating the Storm!
S12 E19 23m
Tag-Team! Ultimate Partner!
S12 E18 23m
Counterattack! Lucius Endbringer!
S12 E17 23m
Spirit of Fire! World Spryzen!
S12 E16 23m
Grand Finale! Valt vs Lain!
S12 E15 23m
Defeat Valt!
S12 E14 23m
Gotta Win! Going All-Out!
S12 E13 23m
A True Hero! Tag-Battle Style!
S12 E12 23m
Hyuga and Lain vs Hikaru and Aiger!
S12 E11 23m
The Great Revolution! Legend Festival!
S12 E10 23m
Rise to Victory! Triumph Dragon!
S12 E9 23m
Is this a Dream?! Or is it a Nightmare?!
S12 E8 23m
The Jet-Black Sun! Vex Lucius!
S12 E7 23m
Conquering the Ogre's Dungeon!
S12 E6 23m
Dream Team! Tag Battle!
S12 E5 23m
Illusory Dragon! Mirage Fafnir!
S12 E4 23m
Listen To Your Bey's Voice!
S12 E3 23m
Persistence! Kolossal Strike!
S12 E2 23m
Locked On! Lightning Launch!
S12 E1 23m
The Blading Revolution!
season 9
S9 E51 22m
A Champion is Crowned!
S9 E50 22m
Breaking Point! Bursting Through!
S9 E49 22m
The Fierce Four!
S9 E48 22m
Teamwork! To the Semi-Finals!
S9 E47 22m
Full Force! Charging Up!
S9 E46 22m
No Limits! Free vs. Lui!
S9 E45 22m
Spryzen the Destroyer!
S9 E44 22m
Epic Evolution! Strike Valtryek!
S9 E43 22m
White Hot Rivals!
S9 E42 22m
BC Sol Scorcher!
S9 E41 22m
Colossus Hammer! Twin Noctemis!
S9 E40 22m
Bow Down! Boom Khalzar!
S9 E39 22m
Emperor of the Underground!
S9 E38 22m
Requiem Project! Spryzen Unleashed!
S9 E37 22m
Challenge of Champions!
S9 E36 22m
Lúinor vs. Spryzen!
S9 E35 22m
To the Podium!
S9 E34 22m
Full Power! Spring Attack!
S9 E33 22m
The World League Final!
S9 E32 22m
Unrivaled! Triple Saber!
S9 E31 22m
Big 5! Breaking Through!
S9 E30 22m
Collision Course! To the Finals!
S9 E29 22m
The Fortress! Shelter Regulus!
S9 E28 22m
Vampire! Deep Caynox!
S9 E27 22m
Worlds Collide! Home Turf!
S9 E26 22m
Genesis Reboot!
S9 E25 22m
Showdown! Surge Xcalius!
S9 E24 22m
World League! Setting the Stage!
S9 E23 22m
Infinity Stadium! Raul's Challenge!
S9 E22 22m
Blast Jinnius! Caller of Storms!
S9 E21 22m
Joshua vs. the Space Ninjas!
S9 E20 22m
New Teammates! New Rivals!
S9 E19 22m
Secret Fire! Red Eye!
S9 E18 22m
The Underground Maze
S9 E17 22m
Shadow Magic! The Snake Pit!
S9 E16 22m
The Search for Shu!
S9 E15 22m
Ghasem! The Airborne Blader!
S9 E14 22m
Attack! Maximus Garuda!
S9 E13 22m
Twin Scythes! Double Strike!
S9 E12 22m
The Return of Doomscizor!
S9 E11 22m
BC Sol! A Team Divided!
S9 E10 22m
Free to Launch!
S9 E9 22m
Alter Cognite! The Shape Shifter!
S9 E8 22m
Season Opener! European League!
S9 E7 22m
Journey to the Top!
S9 E6 22m
Squad Shake Up!
S9 E5 22m
Surprise Attack! Kinetic Satomb!
S9 E4 22m
Whirlwind! Tempest Wyvron!
S9 E3 22m
Drain Fafnir! Winding Up!
S9 E2 22m
Fighting Spirit! Berserk Roktavor!
S9 E1 22m
Fresh Start! Valtryek's Evolution!
season 7
S7 E26 22m
The Bridge to the Future
S7 E25 22m
The All-Out Mid-Air Battle!
S7 E24 22m
Byakko's Roar
S7 E23 22m
Entering the Trap
S7 E22 22m
Doji's Stronghold
S7 E21 22m
The Legend and the Evil Combine
S7 E20 22m
A New Fight
S7 E19 22m
A Spirit-Filled Attack!
S7 E18 22m
The Ultimate Emperor of Destruction Bahamoote
S7 E17 22m
A Fated Showdown between Rivals
S7 E16 22m
Get Pumped for the Finals!
S7 E15 22m
The Best 8 Decided!
S7 E14 22m
Neo Battle Bladers
S7 E13 22m
A Fierce Synchrome Battle
S7 E12 22m
The Ruthless Behemoth
S7 E11 22m
A Heated Battle of Friendship
S7 E10 22m
The Ironclad Golem
S7 E9 22m
Clash! Zyro vs Sakyo
S7 E8 22m
The Jet Black Dragon
S7 E7 22m
Kraken Attacks
S7 E6 22m
Explode, Phantom Fire Shot!
S7 E5 22m
The Strength of a Bond
S7 E4 22m
The Extraordinary Synchrome!
S7 E3 22m
The Blazing Special Move!
S7 E2 22m
Defeat Pirate Orochi!
S7 E1 22m
A New Age Arrives!
season 6
S6 E39 22m
A Ray of Hope
S6 E38 22m
Hades' Persistence
S6 E37 22m
Flash Sagittario
S6 E36 22m
The Missing Star of the Four Seasons
S6 E35 22m
The Lost Kingdom
S6 E34 22m
To the Final Battle Ground
S6 E33 22m
Diablo Nemesis
S6 E32 22m
Come Together, Legendary Bladers!
S6 E31 22m
Four Hearts
S6 E30 22m
The Child of Nemesis
S6 E29 22m
The God of Destruction's Revival!?
S6 E28 22m
The God of Venus, Quetzalcoatl
S6 E27 22m
The Lion in the Wilderness
S6 E26 21m
Orion's Whereabouts
S6 E25 21m
The Unseen Opponent
S6 E24 21m
Two Big, Fierce Battles!
S6 E23 21m
The Battle of Beyster Island
S6 E22 21m
The Four Season Bladers
S6 E21 21m
The Legend of Nemesis's Revival
S6 E20 21m
The Guardian of the Temple, Dynamis
S6 E19 21m
The Lion's Pride
S6 E18 21m
The Maze of Mist Mountain
S6 E17 21m
I am the Champion!
S6 E16 21m
The New Striker is Complete!
S6 E15 21m
Destroyer Dome
S6 E14 21m
The New Team Dungeon!
S6 E13 21m
Showdown at the Tower of Babel!
S6 E12 21m
The God of Saturn, Kronos
S6 E11 21m
Cosmic Tornado
S6 E10 21m
A New Roar!
S6 E9 21m
The Greatest Tag-Team Tournament
S6 E8 21m
The Crimson Flash
S6 E7 21m
Kenta's Determination
S6 E6 21m
Requirements of a Warrior
S6 E5 21m
Awaken, Anubius!
S6 E4 21m
L-Drago Destructor
S6 E3 21m
The Monster Cat, Lynx
S6 E2 22m
Legendary Bladers
S6 E1 22m
Star Fragment
season 5
S5 E51 22m
Galaxy Heart
S5 E50 21m
Rampage! Tempo
S5 E49 21m
The Wild Beast Unleashed
S5 E48 21m
Befall's Trap
S5 E47 21m
The Fallen Emperor
S5 E46 21m
Charge! Hades City
S5 E45 21m
The Miraculous Spiral Force
S5 E44 21m
Showdown! Gingka vs. Damian
S5 E43 21m
Spirits' Last Battle
S5 E42 21m
The Dragon Emperor Descends
S5 E41 21m
The Final Countdown
S5 E40 21m
The Furious DJ Battle!?
S5 E39 21m
The Guard Dog of Hades, Kerbecs
S5 E38 21m
The Wicked Peacock, Befall
S5 E37 21m
The Compass of Fate, Byxis
S5 E36 21m
The Plot Thickens
S5 E35 21m
Our Slogan is 'Number 1
S5 E34 21m
The Friend's Name Is Zeo
S5 E33 21m
Charge! Ray Gill
S5 E32 21m
The Explosive Cyclone Battle!
S5 E31 21m
The Brazilian Trap
S5 E30 21m
The Midday Street Battle
S5 E29 21m
Gravity Destroyer
S5 E28 21m
Dark Eagle
S5 E27 21m
Exceed The Limit!
S5 E26 21m
The Dragon Emperor Returns
S5 E25 21m
The Axe of Destruction
S5 E24 21m
The Creeping Darkness
S5 E23 21m
The End Of A Fierce Struggle!
S5 E22 21m
The Third Match: On the Edge
S5 E21 21m
Eternal Rivals
S5 E20 21m
Horuseus vs. Striker
S5 E19 21m
The Shocking Wild Fang
S5 E18 21m
The Scorching Hot Lion
S5 E17 21m
We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong
S5 E16 21m
The Festival of Warriors
S5 E15 21m
Libra Departs For The Front!
S5 E14 21m
How Grand! The Cage Match!
S5 E13 21m
The Wintry Land Of Russia
S5 E12 21m
The Bey With A Hero's Name
S5 E11 21m
The 4,000 Year Old Secret
S5 E10 21m
Lacerta's Will
S5 E9 21m
The World Championships Begin!
S5 E8 21m
The Third Man
S5 E7 21m
The Beylin Temple In The Sky
S5 E6 22m
Soar Into The World!
S5 E5 22m
Final Battle! Leone vs. Eagle
S5 E4 22m
Ticket To The World
S5 E3 22m
A New Challenge
S5 E2 22m
The Persistent Challenger
S5 E1 22m
Seeking The Legend
season 4
S4 E51 21m
Blader's Spirit
S4 E50 21m
The Furious Final Battle
S4 E49 21m
Fierce Battle! Lion vs. Dragon
S4 E48 21m
The Truth About Light And Darkness
S4 E47 21m
Bonds of Steel
S4 E46 21m
Libra Disappears
S4 E45 21m
Eagle Counterattacks
S4 E44 21m
Entrusted Emotions
S4 E43 21m
The Deck is Stacked
S4 E42 21m
The Dragon's Punishment
S4 E41 21m
The Serpent's Terror
S4 E40 21m
Go! Battle Bladers
S4 E39 21m
Clash! The Fireblaze vs. The Pegasus
S4 E38 21m
Run, Gingka!
S4 E37 21m
Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison
S4 E36 21m
Broken Wings
S4 E35 21m
L-Drago on the Move
S4 E34 21m
Shine, Virgo!
S4 E33 21m
The Oath of the Phoenix
S4 E32 21m
The Stormy Battle Royal
S4 E31 21m
The Twin Gemios
S4 E30 21m
The Bewitching Pisces
S4 E29 21m
Kenta and Sora
S4 E28 21m
Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation!
S4 E27 21m
Intruders in the Challenge Match!
S4 E26 21m
Tsubasa Flies into the Dark
S4 E25 21m
The Sniper, Capricorn
S4 E24 21m
The Beautiful Eagle
S4 E23 21m
The Road to the Battle Bladers
S4 E22 21m
The Fearsome Libra
S4 E21 21m
Warriors on the Deserted Island
S4 E20 21m
Begin! The Survival Battle
S4 E19 21m
Conquer the Tag-Team Battle!
S4 E18 21m
The Green Hades
S4 E17 21m
The Silver Pegasus
S4 E16 21m
The Magnificent Aries
S4 E15 21m
The Mysterious Hyoma
S4 E14 21m
Memories of Ryo
S4 E13 21m
L-Drago Awakens!
S4 E12 21m
Infiltrate the Dark Nebula's Castle!
S4 E11 21m
Chase the Wolf!
S4 E10 21m
Heated Battle! Gingka versus Kyoya
S4 E9 21m
Leone's Counterattack
S4 E8 21m
Merci's Dangerous Trap
S4 E7 21m
It's Our Special Move! Sagittario
S4 E6 21m
Aquario's Challenge
S4 E5 21m
Vengeful Gasher
S4 E4 21m
Charge! Bull Power!
S4 E3 21m
The Wolf's Ambition!
S4 E2 21m
Leone's Roar
S4 E1 21m
Pegasus Has Landed!
season 3
S3 E52 21m
Beybattle for the Ages
S3 E51 21m
Brooklyn’s Back!
S3 E50 21m
Welcome to My Nightmare!
S3 E49 21m
The Principles of Victory
S3 E48 21m
The Beyblading Spirit
S3 E47 21m
Now You’re Making Me Mad
S3 E46 21m
The Return of Kai
S3 E45 21m
Max to the Max
S3 E44 21m
Refuse to Lose
S3 E43 21m
Sing Ming Ming Sing!
S3 E42 21m
When You Wish Upon a Star
S3 E41 21m
And Justice-Five For All
S3 E40 21m
Back to Basics
S3 E39 21m
Rebel Alliance
S3 E38 21m
Bega on the Rise
S3 E37 21m
The Bega Challenge
S3 E36 21m
Boris, the Blade Stops Here!
S3 E35 21m
Pros and Ex-Cons
S3 E34 21m
The Mysterious Mystel…
S3 E33 21m
Out of Their League
S3 E32 21m
Beyblade Idol
S3 E31 21m
Runaway Daichi!
S3 E30 21m
Let the Games Begin...Again!
S3 E29 21m
And Then There Were Two
S3 E28 21m
Changing Gears
S3 E27 21m
What a Blast!
S3 E26 21m
Familiar Faces
S3 E25 21m
Max Attacks!
S3 E24 21m
Down Under Thunder!
S3 E23 21m
Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-Off...
S3 E22 21m
Sibling Rivalry
S3 E21 21m
Under Pressure
S3 E20 21m
Burdens of a Champion
S3 E19 21m
One for All...Free for All!
S3 E18 21m
Beyblade Like an Egyptian
S3 E17 21m
Same Old Dirty Tricks…
S3 E16 21m
Fire and Water
S3 E15 21m
Sleepless in Madrid
S3 E14 21m
Picking Up the Pieces
S3 E13 21m
Kenny’s Big Battle
S3 E12 21m
When in Rome...Let it Rip!
S3 E11 21m
The Blame Game
S3 E10 21m
It’s a Battle Royale...!
S3 E9 21m
Swiped on the Streets
S3 E8 21m
Roughing It
S3 E7 21m
Take Your Best Shot!
S3 E6 21m
You're the Man, Kai!
S3 E5 21m
A League of His Own
S3 E4 21m
We Were Once Bladebreakers…
S3 E3 21m
Invitation to Battle
S3 E2 21m
A Team Divided
S3 E1 21m
New Kid in Town
season 2
S2 E51 21m
Destiny of the Final Battle
S2 E50 21m
Clash of the Tyson
S2 E49 21m
The Enemy Within
S2 E48 21m
Phoenix Falling
S2 E47 21m
Deceit from Above
S2 E46 21m
Black and White Evil Powers
S2 E45 21m
Zeo Vs Ozuma
S2 E44 21m
The Calm Before the Storm
S2 E43 21m
Kai's Royal Flush
S2 E42 21m
Fortunes Dear and Dire
S2 E41 21m
Who's Your Daddy?
S2 E40 21m
Squeeze Play
S2 E39 21m
The Bit Beast Bond
S2 E38 21m
Fate of the Spark Battle, The
S2 E37 21m
Beybattle at the Bit Beast Corral
S2 E36 21m
Friends and Enemies
S2 E35 21m
See Not Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast
S2 E34 21m
Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider
S2 E33 21m
Rock Bottom!
S2 E32 21m
Lots of Qustions...Few Answers
S2 E31 21m
Attack of the Rock Bit Beast
S2 E30 21m
Get a Piece of the Rock
S2 E29 21m
Bad Seed in the Big Apple
S2 E28 21m
Hot Rock
S2 E27 21m
Building the Perfect Beast
S2 E26 21m
Cyber Dragoon Takes Control
S2 E25 21m
Raising Kane!
S2 E24 21m
Ghost in the Machine
S2 E23 21m
Bigger the Cyber-Driger...The Harder it Falls, The
S2 E22 21m
Max Takes One for the Team
S2 E21 21m
Battle Tower Showdown
S2 E20 21m
The Power Half Hour!
S2 E19 21m
Their Own Private Battles
S2 E18 21m
When Friends Become Foes
S2 E17 21m
Hilary's Bey-b-cue
S2 E16 21m
Team Psykick's New Recruit
S2 E15 21m
Show Me The Bit Beasts!
S2 E14 21m
Gideon Raises Gerry
S2 E13 21m
Testing One, Two, Three
S2 E12 21m
Bring Me Dranzer!
S2 E11 21m
Evil Island of Dr. B., The
S2 E10 21m
Island of No Return, The
S2 E9 21m
La Isla Bey-Nita!
S2 E8 21m
Return of the Bladebreakers!
S2 E7 21m
Reunion Begins, The
S2 E6 21m
Magtram Threat!, The
S2 E5 21m
Guess Who's Back in Town?!
S2 E4 21m
Searching for Dragoon
S2 E3 21m
Unseen and Unleashed
S2 E2 21m
The Search for Mr. X.
S2 E1 21m
Shot Down in Flames!
season 1
S1 E51 21m
Final Showdown
S1 E50 21m
New and Cyber-Improved...
S1 E49 21m
A Wicked Wind Blows
S1 E48 21m
Victory in Defeat
S1 E47 21m
A Lesson for Tyson
S1 E46 21m
First Strike
S1 E45 21m
Breaking the Ice
S1 E44 21m
Losing Kai
S1 E43 21m
Live and Let Kai!
S1 E42 21m
Drawn to Darkness
S1 E41 21m
Out of the Past
S1 E40 21m
Hot Battle in a Cold Town
S1 E39 21m
A Majestic Battle...A Majestic Victory?
S1 E38 21m
Olympia Challenge
S1 E37 21m
A Knight to Remember
S1 E36 21m
Deja Vu All Over Again
S1 E35 21m
When in Rome...Beyblade!
S1 E34 21m
Art Attack
S1 E33 21m
Last Tangle in Paris
S1 E32 21m
Darkness at the End of the Tunnel
S1 E31 21m
London Calling
S1 E30 21m
Cruising for a Bruising
S1 E29 21m
Play It Again Dizzi!
S1 E28 21m
Bottom of the Ninth
S1 E27 21m
The Battle of America
S1 E26 21m
Catching a Shooting All Star
S1 E25 21m
My Way or the Highway
S1 E24 21m
Viva Las Vegas
S1 E23 21m
Showdown in Vegas
S1 E22 21m
Blading with the Stars
S1 E21 21m
Practice Makes Perfect
S1 E20 21m
It's All Relative
S1 E19 21m
Under the Microscope
S1 E18 21m
A Star Is Born
S1 E17 21m
A Score To Settle
S1 E16 21m
My Enemy, My Friend
S1 E15 21m
Going for the Gold
S1 E14 21m
The Race is On
S1 E13 21m
Crouching Lion, Hidden Tiger
S1 E12 21m
Adios Bladebreakers
S1 E11 21m
Bye Bye Bit Beast
S1 E10 21m
Battle in the Sky
S1 E9 21m
Showdown in Hong Kong
S1 E8 21m
Bladin' in the Streets
S1 E7 21m
Thirteen Candles
S1 E6 21m
Dragoon Storm
S1 E5 21m
Draciel of Approval
S1 E4 21m
The Qualifier Begins
S1 E3 21m
Take it to the Max!
S1 E2 21m
Day of the Dragoon
S1 E1 21m
The Blade Raider