season 3
S3 E1 23m
Run Candace, Run / Last Train to Bustville
S3 E2 23m
The Great Indoors / Canderemy
S3 E3 23m
The Belly of the Beast / Moon Farm
S3 E4 23m
Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!
S3 E5 23m
Ask a Foolish Question / Misperceived Monotreme
S3 E6 23m
Candace Disconnected / Magic Carpet Ride
S3 E7 23m
Bad Hair Day / Meatloaf Surprise
S3 E8 23m
Tri-Stone Area / Doof Dynasty
S3 E9 23m
Phineas and Ferb Interrupted / A Real Boy
S3 E10 23m
Mommy Can You Hear Me? / Road Trip
S3 E11 23m
Skiddley Whiffers / Tour de Ferb
S3 E12 23m
My Fair Goalie
S3 E13 23m
Perry the Actorpus / Bullseye!
S3 E14 23m
That's the Spirit! / The Curse of Candace
S3 E15 23m
Escape from Phineas Tower / Remains of the Platypus
S3 E16 23m
Ferb Latin / Lotsa Latkes
S3 E17 23m
What a Croc! / Ferb TV
S3 E18 23m
Mom's in the House / Minor Monogram
S3 E19 23m
S3 E20 23m
Monster from ID / Gi-Ants
S3 E21 23m
Agent Doof / Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon
S3 E22 23m
Delivery of Destiny / Let's Bounce
S3 E23 23m
Quietest Day Ever / Bully Bromance Breakup
S3 E24 23m
The Doonkelberry Imperative / Buford Confidential
S3 E25 23m
Sleepwalk Surprise / Sci-Fi Pie Fly
S3 E26 23m
Meapless in Seattle
S3 E27 23m
The Mom Attractor / Cranius Maximus
S3 E28 23m
Sipping with the Enemy / Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets
S3 E29 23m
Doofapus / Norm Unleashed
S3 E30 23m
When Worlds Collide & Road to Danville
S3 E31 23m
Where's Perry? Part I
S3 E32 23m
Where's Perry? Part II
S3 E33 23m
Blackout! / What'd I Miss?
S3 E34 23m
This Is Your Backstory
Dr. Doofenshmirtz Theme Song Takeover
I Love You Mom
E.V.I.L Boys Sing Along
Platypus Walk
Come Home, Perry
What Might Have Been
Whatcha' Doin'
Perry the Platypus Theme Song
My Nemesis
Summer Belongs To You Music Lift
Phineas and Ferb Theme Song
Backyard Beach Music Lift
Busted Music Lift
Ain't Got Rhythm Sing-Along
Gitchee Gitchee Goo Sing-Along