season 1
S1 E25 24m
Roller Coaster Rescue / The Night Shift
S1 E24 24m
The Four Door Troubadours / Moto-Polo!
S1 E23 24m
The Birthday Blaze / Everybody Loves Axl
S1 E22 24m
Star Vehicle / Firebuds Fever
S1 E21 24m
The Super Safety Show / Job-O-Rama Day
S1 E20 24m
Shelter Island / Escape from Shelter Island
S1 E19 24m
All That Jazzy / Iguana Hold Your Hand
S1 E18 24m
Cleft Hood / The Case of the Disappearing Doghouses
S1 E17 24m
Puppy Pursuit / The Ice Cream Truck Bandits
S1 E16 24m
Piston's Driving School / Jazzyland
S1 E15 24m
Bayani Cookout / Rest of the Best
S1 E14 24m
Call of the Siren / Jamal's Jam
S1 E13 24m
Hanukkah Hullabaloo / The Christmas Car-Sled Race
S1 E12 24m
River Rescue / Big Tread
S1 E11 24m
Care-A-Van Club / Mud About You
S1 E10 24m
Transmission Impossible / Carkour
S1 E9 24m
Lights Out / Handle with Car
S1 E8 24m
Marsh Mayhem / The Art of Friendship
S1 E7 24m
Cliffhanger / The Very First Fire
S1 E6 24m
Sleepover Stakeout / Rescue Club
S1 E5 24m
The Not-So-Haunted House / Halloween Heroes
S1 E4 24m
Picnic Pile-Up / Duo Dash
S1 E3 24m
Treehouse Trouble / The Getaway Car That Got Away
S1 E2 24m
Hubcap Heist / Food Truck Fiasco
S1 E1 24m
Car in a Tree / Dalmatian Day
The Not So Haunted House Music Video
When We Work Together Music Video
Firebuds: Save the Day